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1. Overview, Sources and Threats of Malware
2. Preventing Intrusions
3. Suggested Programs to Install on Your Computer

Suggested Programs to Install on Your Computer

Note: If you are not comfortable with the virus and spyware removal procedures, and Pinnacle Computers provide the services at reasonable rates. Give us a call.
Windows Updates
See the previous page section, "Correcting Problems Caused by Operating Systems".
General Procedures:
  • Install anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Hopefully in the near future, these will be combined into one program.
  • Obtain updates for each program at least weekly.
  • Run full-system scans at least monthly.
Viruses, Worms and Trojans
IOCC.COM strongly encourages every computer user to equip their computer with Anti-Virus programs. Excellent choices are available, both free and paid. Be sure to update your product regularly and often, keep the program memory-resident for real-time operation, and run a scan of your computer frequently.
Vendor Free Version Available for Purchase Updates
Grisoft Anti-Virus (AVG) AVG Free (Look for the link near the top similar to avg75free_446a965.exe)
You may use this direct link or click Download Now at Download.Com
Version 7.5 (Anti-Malware highly recommended) Update Page
McAfee On-Line Virus Scan
A great stand-alone scanner for the most common virus infections is Stinger
Upgrade Center Internet Security Suite
Trend Micro Online Scan
Download Sysclean.Com for a comprehensive stand-alone virus scan
PC-cillin Update Center
Virus Pattern Files
More Virus, Worm & Trojan Information:
Spyware, Adware, and other Malware
There are several programs available, often free of charge, to protect your computer against these intrusions. Typically, you need to manually run these programs periodically to scan for the unwanted programs.
Vendor Vendor's Web Site Download Location
AVG Anti-Spyware Free for Windows (Look for the link near the bottom similar to avgas-setup- Documentation.
If you purchase AVG, get the Anti-Malware version to include anti-virus and anti-spyware in one unified program.
Documentation Download.Com, or click Download Now
Ad-Aware Lavasoft Download.Com (save to your disk)
SpyBot PepiMK Software Download.Com (save to your disk) Using Internet Explorer? Hold down Ctrl when you click this link; otherwise, you'll get a blank page.
Trend Micro Spyware Scanner Online Scan Can be saved and run from your computer
Microsoft Windows Defender Beta Version Runs on Win2K and WinXP only. Betas expires periodically.
Advanced users only, please:
HiJackThis Merijn.Org Download.Com (save to your disk, unzip program needed)
CSShredder CSShredder Intermute
More information at:
1. Overview, Sources and Threats of Malware
2. Preventing Intrusions
3. Suggested Programs to Install on Your Computer

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